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Tuning Forks

dividerAncient Egyptian and Atlantean Wisdom

Ancient Egyptian and Atlantean Wisdom

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Inspiration - The Reiki of Atlantis

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The Divine Feminine


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A very warm welcome to Galactic Light!

We are here to help you to develop skills in order to live your life in the way you truly desire.

So many of us live with increasing stress, seeking answers that may never appear. Over the years we have developed tools that have shown to reduce stress and improve health within just one of our workshops or courses. We believe we can offer you guidance and assistance.

Something has brought you to our website. Whether you are seeking a new path in your private or business life, or whether you have already begun searching and this is your next step, so many participants who have attended our seminars, courses or journeys have experienced life changing, and in some cases, health changing experiences.

They have been professors, doctors, directors, professionals, teachers, business people, spiritual people, holistic therapists, husbands, wives and even their offspring. The one common aspect that links such a wide range of people is that they all seek to improve or change some aspect of their life.

But whatever the reason is, their common goal is to shed the old, release the past they have been holding on to, seeking the light and being at one with the Universe....being at Peace. When in this space, our body functions in a much healthier way and our thinking and actions fare clearer and calmer, able to achieve improved results with less effort.







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Sound Healing and Meditation Evenings
Sound Healing and Meditation Evenings


Communion System, Level 1
Communion System, Level 1

Alternative Therapist of the Year 2015
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Absent Atlantean implant clearings, healings & initiations

divider Distance Healing

Group clearing of Atlantean implants

divider Tuning Forks to help relaxation, health and spiritual growth

NEW - Tuning Forks to help relaxation, health and spiritual growth