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Ancient Egyptian and Atlantean Wisdom

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Inspiration - The Reiki of Atlantis

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Welcome to Galactic Light

We are now living in challenging times mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, all offering wonderful opportunities for spiritual growth, ascension and fulfilment.

Archangel Melchizedek, the guardian of this year, says that part of the solution that these challenges may bring lies in communion – that when mankind are linked to the Divine and can feel its presence they open to its guidance and way and are less inclined to act upon their darker inner drives and more likely to endeavour to heal them.

(From the King of Angels workshop by Edwin Courtenay)

You may find here at Galactic Light some help for overcoming the challenges that this year may bring as well as nurturing the self that will be ever more important this year. Join us on this exciting journey of guidance, transformation and empowerment.







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Sound Healing and Meditation Sessions<br>Folkestone
Sound Healing and Meditation Sessions


The King of Angels
The King of Angels

Alternative Therapist of the Year 2015
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Group Absent Healings, Initiations and Atlantean Implant Clearings