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Ancient Egyptian and Atlantean Wisdom

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Inspiration - The Reiki of Atlantis

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Communion System


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About Lucia

Lucia Grail Dr. Lucia Grail, PhD, MSc

Lucia is an International Holistic Lecturer, Teacher, Healer, Workshop Facilitator and Accredited Tuning Fork Therapist, and on her path of continuous learning.

Lucia Grail, PhD, MSc is a Doctor of Philosophy; a Reiki Master Teacher and Seichim Reiki Master.

She is also an international spiritual teacher bringing ancient and new wisdom through the power of Unconditional Love. Her first spiritual book is "Unconditional Love - A Guidebook", which teaches different methods of how to increase Unconditional Love in our lives and the importance of controlling our thoughts and entering one’s own mastery.

For many years, Lucia has been researching consciousness fields, sacred geometry and ancient Atlantean and Egyptian teachings. She has created a course system "Ancient Egyptian and Atlantean Wisdom" which she has been teaching in Finland since 1998 and in the UK since spring 2010. She has also trained teachers to teach the Level 1 in Finland and Sweden.

She has also developed the Communion System, which is about moving back into alignment with the Divine.

She has been trained by Edwin Courtenay to teach Modules 1, 2, 7, 12 and 13 of the Inspiration system, which supports in a powerful way her work in raising Lemurian and Atlantean powers and energies for the benefit of mankind and our planet.

Lucia is a spiritual tour leader having taken spiritual groups to sacred sites in different parts of the world for Initiation Journeys, including Egypt, England, Malta, Lapland, Italy, Creek, Spain, Machu Picchu, Bosnia and Mt Shasta.

Lucia is also an accredited Suara Sound Tuning Fork Therapist, and has been teaching how to use the tuning forks. She is running regular Sound Healing and Meditation evenings using the Sacred Solfeggio healing pipes.

Alternative Therapist of the Year 2015 Lucia has also received the Alternative Therapist of the Year Award for 2015 from Southern Voice.


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Sound Healing and Meditation Sessions


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The King of Angels

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