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The Role of Egypt in awakening our DNA

Dr. Lucia Grail, PhD, MSc

This universe is based on unconditional love
The ancient Atlanteans and Egyptians knew that Love is the most powerful force in the whole universe, it overcomes everything else. Ancient Sages said that everything is made out of consciousness and when we are able to experience the consciousness in a pure way without conditions and presumptions, it is love.

The ancients knew that we live in a harmonic universe, fabricated upon an invisible and united basis of conscious, loving energy, known to scientists as "Zero Point Field" or "aether." This invisible aether is energetic fluid surrounding and penetrating us, but we are not usually aware of its presence. This fluid aether is a source of huge energy that is continuously vibrating and creating, flowing through everything, all objects in the Universe. The ancient Egyptians called it Nun, Primeval Waters, from which everything was born. Thus scientific material heavily supports the ancient Egyptian knowledge and channelled information.

Flower of Life

According to Lord Seranis, the Ascended Master of the Egypt ray, the Zero Point Field is Flower of Life pattern. The Flower of Life symbol is the manifestation of the true Divine energy and emanation. Our universe is this sphere, the tapestry upon which the entire universe has been painted, and this hologram or symbol is the weave and weft of this tapestry. These strands of energy are forged of Unconditional Love. The Flower of Life symbol can be found carved in granite in The Temple of Osiris at Abydos in Egypt.

There is scientific evidence about this omnipotent conscious web of aether, which is Love and Light and geometry, and out of which everything in the Universe has been formed. Also the Sphere has been shown to represent the highest form of aether in Oneness.1 Thus it seems that modern science has been again able to support this ancient knowledge.

The male component of the Unity Consciousness Grid is anchored at Giza Plateau
Around the globe there is also a Christ or Unity consciousness Grid. It is vital for our spiritual development and it sustains Christ consciousness on our planet. Egypt has an important role in anchoring this Christ Grid to our planet, as its male pole is anchored on the Giza plateau. Giza plateau is the centre of our planet, representing the mathematical, astronomical and pyramidal foundation of planet Earth.

The Great Pyramid on the Giza functions as a foundation stone, the real centre point of the planet Earth. It also connects the centre of the Earth to the Galactic core. The Great Pyramid was a receiver for a huge infinite light and cosmic energy from the Great Central Sun. It projected the Light it received deep to the heart of planet Earth, which responded by sending energies through the Great Pyramid. Thus the Great Pyramid was also a transmitter of kundalini energy of the planet Earth. The crystalline golden capstone functioned also as a third eye of our planet.

1 Wilcock, David, Science of Oneness,

The Great Pyramid was also an initiation chamber for the Great White Brotherhood, which is still connected to it. Jesus, John the Baptist and Solomon, among others, have received their initiations here. The Great Pyramid is an ancient pyramidal energy vortex. Still today the etheric pyramidal vortex exists and acts as a continuous energy source to the planet and its life supporting systems. There are also numerous amount of scientific research that has proven the magnificent structure of the Great Pyramid and its powers.

Egypt is the land of sacred Atlantean encodings
Egypt is the land of sacred Atlantean encodings and it holds purest of Golden Atlantean energies and wisdom. These teachings were teachings of Love. Egyptian temples and pyramids were ascension chambers built by Atlantean survivors. These temples were created as incubation chambers for the Spirit and the Soul, they were never meant to be palaces or tombs or temples dedicated to the old Gods of Egypt. The temples used to be powerful energy vortexes in their time, and they symbolised access to other dimensions of time and space.

The Atlanteans knew that the vibrations on our planet would fall further and that they needed to anchor the power of celestial bodies and the ancient wisdom into the temples and pyramids. They created these powerful monuments with the correct combination of energies that were the spatial dimension in and around these chambers, energy impregnated into their materials, the energies set free inside them and the vibrational keys of the sacred hieroglyphic language used to decorate them as well as their morphogenetic fields.

All natural and living materials and organisms have a morphogenetic field. These are consciousness fields that are characteristic to each species surrounding all living beings whether these are of animal, vegetable or mineral kingdoms. They enable the development of each species, the evolution. Scientists have been able to prove their existence.2 According to scientists, they are fundamentally the physical blueprints that give birth to forms. The morphogenetic fields play also a main role in raising the level of the collective consciousness which we are heading.

The Egyptian pyramids and temples have morphogenetic fields, which contain encoded genetic information that enables them to be activated when those, who carry full or even a percentage of Atlantean DNA, enter into them. The spatial harmonics and energies of these monuments could interact with those carrying Atlantean DNA activating it and enhancing ascension and evolution. These morphogenetic fields also contain encoded information, which may be used to rewrite and encode distorted DNA traits.

When we enter into them and work with intent calling upon their energies and using some of the sacred symbols and languages of Atlantis, we will be saturated with the correct frequencies and powers, enabling us to begin a powerful process of awakening and catalytic evolution. Symbols and images seem to open the patterns deep inside our psyche, as if we were programmed to respond to them.

Although the temples and pyramids have lost some of their powers, still they are active and their sacred encodings assist humanity to achieve a higher level of consciousness. The sacred geometry is still affecting, still today each temple and monument expresses the same original intent with which the ancients engraved them. Encoded codes and keys of energy are connected to Atlantean power, knowledge, science, mysticism and truth. Within these temples and beneath these temples, a lot of Atlantean power was sealed and is now being reactivated by various spiritual people who are journeying there.

2 See i.e. Shekdrake, Rubert (1988) The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature

Now it is the time to connect to ancient energies, wisdom and teachings and take them once again into use, and to learn from our earlier mistakes. The destruction of Atlantis is that point in spiritual history that is reflecting like a mirror to our modern society. In order for the history not to repeat itself it is important to resurrect the Golden Atlantean powers and vibrations, which may aid the world in bringing about its second golden era. It is possible to resurrect the golden Atlantean powers through those secrets and codes that were left behind in Egyptian society and which still exist there.


Lucia Grail, PhD, MSc
Galactic Light

Dr. Lucia Grail is an internationally known author, spiritual teacher, lecturer, workshop leader and therapist. She is now completing her new book “The Light of the Ancients”, which offers practical tools to bring alive those ancient Atlantean and Egyptian teachings and wisdoms.

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