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Vibration and Sound - Using Them for Our Benefit

Dr. Lucia Grail, PhD, MSc

Article to Paradigm Shift, Issue 65, 2014

"Nothing rests; Everything moves; Everything vibrates." - The Kyballion

This principle states that everything is in motion and vibrates. Different materials, colours, sounds – are caused by the differing rates of vibrations. The extremes are Spirit at one end, and gross forms of matter at the other.

All life is based on vibration. Everything is connected. All are united on this same vibrational continuum.

We are constantly in the middle of vibrations, which we feel through the quantum field that is continuously transmitting information throughout the universe to us, and from us back into the quantum field and the Universe. Our vibration reveals continuously the smallest of our thoughts, feelings and intention.

In Atlantis, music, sound and voice were regarded as extremely powerful. Sound was regarded as the most powerful weapon of all, and it was used for healing, empowering, materialisation and dematerialisation, as well as in warfare. The Atlanteans took their teachings to ancient Egypt, where sound had an immensely important role in teachings; sound was regarded as the cause of the Universe.

The ancient Egyptians linked the whole of creation from the hours of the day and night to the rotations of the planets and solar system to musical notes. They knew that everything obeyed the Universal Law, “As above, so below; as below, so above”. The whole Egyptian culture functioned according to the harmonic laws and the harmony of music. Ancient Egyptians built their temples and other sacred sites as equivalent to musical modes and notes, taking into account the vibrations emitted by the materials used, the structure, colours and the position of their temples.

Different vibrational effects are based on the law of Resonance, according to which the more intense vibration may cause the weaker one to resonate with itself. Resonance is the key with which sound causes changes in yourself or in life. It is known that if you give an object the vibration of its own resonance frequency, it will receive more energy. If you strengthen the power enough, you will make it explode – such as breaking glass or breaking down cells.

At all times we are subject to vibrations, some of which are detrimental to us and can bring disharmony and imbalance. This may be due to various factors - negative feelings and thoughts, those emitted by others, negative radiation, pollution, and also natural vibrational effects.

When we are ill, our bodies may become out of synch. Most diseases start in our subtle bodies. Over the course of time, negative thoughts and feelings form a dense crystalline energy structure within our etheric field. These structures will eventually manifest as physical symptoms. This disharmony, a dissonance or disease can be cured with sound and intention by bringing those dissonant body parts back into harmony. Sound has the ability to break up potentially harmful energies before they manifest in the physical body.

Many tools can be used to bring our vibration into harmony or to achieve a specific vibrational level. One such tool is our intention. With positive thought and intention we have the power to change our vibrational level. Because thoughts and intentions are vibrational, their strength and quality greatly affect the end result. This process is enhanced when we take on the emotional body and enhance the process with our voices and their vibrations.

With the help of tuning forks we can accurately achieve different frequencies and desired states of being. When a tuning fork is activated, both the tuning fork and its environment start to vibrate at the same frequency.

Using tuning forks can help with spiritual development, release guilt and fear, assist in transformation, help psychic development and enhance the enlightenment process. Bone health, diseases, body imbalances, central nervous system, sleep disorders, depression, aligning our brains with a specific state such as achieving deep sleep, can be improved. They also help plants and nature.

By using tuning forks we may achieve various emotional states and help balance the elements of our body, as well as aligning ourselves to the vibrations and characteristics of different planets. Each planet within the Solar System has its own vibrational frequency that determines its properties and which we can experience at a deep and subconscious level.

By aligning with the vibrations of the planets we are able to bring the characteristics within ourselves and thus activate a sympathetic resonance between the planets and ourselves in order to resonate in harmony with the Solar System and the Universe.

We can consciously direct the planetary energies for our own development and healing. The sound of each planet is a planetary archetype that is also activated deep in our consciousness. When we are aligned with different planets, their vibration and sound affect our behaviour on an unconscious level.

With the help of tuning forks we are also able to connect with angelic energies, clear places, and ourselves, as well as harmonise the energies of places. They are a magnificent tool in our path to enlightenment.


Dr. Lucia Grail is an international spiritual teacher, lecturer, author, workshop leader and a Suara Sound Tuning Fork Sound Therapist. She also runs tuning fork workshops.


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