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September 2021
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Personal Empowerment

~ Overcome your fears and negative beliefs

Personal Empowerment

This workshop may include:

This workshop is tailored according to participants. It can be from one hour lecture or mini workshop to a weekend course.


Behind most of our fears there is some traumatic event that has happened earlier in this life or in previous lives. Every time something notable happens in your life you save the memory of it and all attached emotions as high-frequency geometric forms into your mental, emotional and physical fields. This energy empowers the energy that you have held there before. The event does not even need to be remarkable looking into it from this point of our life, but it has left a trace into our cell memory and subconscious mind. Maybe it has started to shape our behaviour as we have wanted to avoid repeating the same situation. We have created a negative belief that we have programmed into our subconscious mind.

Beliefs are structures under you consciousness. Our attitudes towards any situation or things originate in our motives and attitudes. How we interpret the meanings of different events affects our way to see a situation as a tragedy or as a possibility. Our beliefs have exceedingly powerful impact on our success or failure. They stipulate how we are experiencing our life, through which kind of glasses we are watching at the world. Beliefs are means to get well, motivation and inspiration. However, they can be the basic reasons for individual suffering. They can be seriously limiting or even self-sabotaging.

Your outer world is the mirror of your inner world. We need unconditional love and our personal power to be able to affect our beliefs and fears. When you learn to control your mind you also learn to control your emotions. You create your emotions and feelings with your own thoughts, they are not happening coincidentally. It is also you who chooses your thought. What you think or imagine in your conscious or subconscious mind manifest like a mirror onto your outer circumstances.

Thus it is important to control our subconscious mind instead that it would control our life through old and negative programmes and beliefs. Subconscious mind functions like a computer programme controlling our behaviour, thoughts and emotions, it does not think or reason.

Unconditional love and positivity are the keys to overcome negative beliefs and fears. It is also easier to stay positive if we remember that everything that happens in life is learning, challenges and possibility to grow.

Fears and negative beliefs and behaviour patterns exist like layers in an onion, and often it is required work to overcome them.

The powerful and supporting atmosphere in our workshops help you to change your negative thought patterns into positive, to add unconditional love into your life and thus to stay in positive side and be successful in daily situations.

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