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September 2021
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Inspiration - The Reiki of Atlantis

~ Module 1

Date to be confirmed, 10:00 - 17:00
@ Folkestone

Inspiration - The Reiki of Atlantis

A long, long time ago the fabled country known as Atlantis was nearing its end, forced to a point of doom by the Atlanteans greed for power.
In a last attempt to save this once great land the Divine chose two Priest's, from the Temple of Melchisadek who were true to the ancient teachings. Called away from their home they journeyed to the outer mountains where, visited by Angels, they received a mighty system of empowerment.
Designed by the Divine to restore spiritual equality to the Atlantean people, to encourage evolution and empowerment on all levels, the system was called Inspiration.
Later, after the destruction of Atlantis, it would be taken out into the greater world and divided becoming the many systems of Reiki that exist today.

Now the Inspiration system is resurrected again, restored in full and offered to the world enlarge in order that it might contribute to humanities Ascension.
Returned to the planet through the channelled teachings of Edwin Courtenay and the channelled symbols of Graham Courtenay.
Now is the time to for humanity to be restored to their full potential, now is the time for humanity to be Inspired!

Inspiration - The Reiki of Atlantis

The System

Inspiration is a comprehensive system for spiritual development and awakening, which covers through 13 Modules everything from healing, to channelling, clairvoyance, Angels, the elements, the Goddess, shamanism, and lots more all from the Atlantean period and perspective.

It is the revival of that ancient system given to the Atlanteans by the Divine through the Angels to create spiritual equality amongst humanity. Contributing as a jump start to evolution and Ascension.

Through clearings and awakenments (rather than attunements) participants experience a remembrance and realignment to Atlantean power and vibration, sometimes through the awakenment of dormant Atlantean DNA. The Atlantean vibration or frequency is now fast returning to the planet but some are finding it difficult to access this power for their own evolution and betterment. The Inspiration system stimulates natural ability within participants and awakens dormant power enabling them to be more open as a channel for universal and Angelic healing and much, much more. Depending upon which modules the participants CHOOSE to take, they can align themselves to any number of elemental and Archangelic power as well as the principles and Atlantean secrets of ancient shamanic and magical practice.

Module 1

Module 1 gives you an over view of Atlantean society and why this energy and vibration is returning at this time. You will receive Atlantean etheric device clearings, and your dormant Atlantean DNA will be activated. You will receive the Atlantean Awakenment that assists you in aligning to the powerful energies and memories of Atlantis through the Great Central Crystal serving to resurrect the Atlantean vibration/DNA within.
You will receive The Healing Awakenment, designed to awaken, magnify and liberate natural abilities, connecting you to the Temple of Peace, the Atlantean Healing Temple as well as an attunement to your personal healing angel.
We will explore various Atlantean healing methods, together with Ancient Atlantean healing Power Symbols used in healing.
You will also receive:

Early booking is essential as spaces are limited.

Course fee £151.00, including a comprehensive manual, certificate, your Atlantean Inspiration crystal and refreshments.

For booking enquiries or further information, please contact us.

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