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Treatments & Healing

Absent HealingAbsent Healings, Initiations and Atlantean Implant Clearings

Cost: £10.00 per treatment.

Please note: bookings must be made no later than the Friday preceeding a treatment or healing.

The following one-to-one absent healings are also available:

1. Implant clearing
- Atlantean implant clearing and opening the Cosmic Fire chakra. I will also inform you by email where those implants are in the body and how they have affected or would have affected you.

2. Absent initiation to the order of Melchizedek and attunement to Archangel Melchizedek
- Your whole being will be connected and aligned to Archangel Melchizedek, to His power and His Rainbow Light, and to the Order of Melchizedek. This empowerment will also help you to connect in a deeper way with other Masters and to receive their messages.

3. Alignment to Hilarion, Atlantean Ascended Master and the High Priest of the Temple of Peace
- You will be connected and aligned to Hilarion, the High Priest of the Healing Temple of Atlantis, and to his healing power. You will receive his empowerment, which will also strengthen your own healing power aiding you to connect with the healing methods of Atlantean Healing Temple.

4. Healing the Light Body and alignment to the Etheric Blueprint
- Your Light Body will be aligned and healed, axiatonal meridians will be aligned, you will be connected with the power of the Unicorns, and you will be aligned to your Etheric Blueprint. This alignment and healing helps to bring your full potential into your life.

5. Awakenment of the heart
- Your heart will be opened, cleansed and awakened. This empowerment helps to strengthen the beauty and love in your life, to overcome negativity, to forgive and to see the core of love in everything and everyone.

6. Soul retrieval
- Traumatic situations and events may have caused your Soul, or rather your Spirit, to fragment into pieces that carry our traumas. If the Spirit is fragmented or ill, the ascension process will be more difficult and painful. Thus the healing of the Spirit to the point of Oneness is vital now more than ever, especially with those who are experiencing ascension symptoms. This Soul Retrieval helps to bring the fragmented parts of the Spirit back to Oneness and heal the Soul or Spirit. This process may need to be repeated.

7. Any treatments or healing that Lucia is guided to give you
- This may be something other than on the list above.

All absent healings, clearings and attunements cost £25. You will get a short description of what happened during the treatment by email.

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